Update: Verzameling Info Jeffrey Epstein (deel 5)


Nu Epstein dood is wil niet zeggen dat het nieuws rondom hem en zijn netwerk stopt. Integendeel! Er komen steeds meer zaken naar boven die ons laten zien dat Epsteins web groter is/was dan we vermoedden. Hieronder een greep uit verschenen informatie sinds de laatste update. Doe zelf ook wat zoekwerk want onze tijd is beperkt.

In deze update geen Q-posts. Infinite Chan (8ch.net) is nog steeds offline. Q post uitsluitend op 8chan. Mochten er ergens berichten opduiken dat Q elders communiceert, trap er dan niet in want de duidelijk afspraak was:

“NO comms outside of this platform.”


Heb je de vorige updates gemist? Hier zijn ze nog een keer:
Deel 1, deel 2, deel 3, deel 4.

Here we go!


Epstein’s purported madam now a focus in sex abuse cases

Tony Blair in US paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘little black book’

Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels and lounging in the Oval Office inside his Manhattan mansion – visitor reveals bizarre image inside pedophile’s $56m lair

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy reveals broken bones in neck, cause of death pending: report

Sean Hannity: Sources say women who helped Jeffrey Epstein have ‘flipped’ (VIDEO)

Epstein traveled to Cuba at Castro’s invitation, former Colombian president says

Jeffrey Epstein shipped $100K cement truck to ‘Pedophile Island’ three weeks before damning expose was released, paying for machine up front so it would arrive quicker, as experts say he could have ‘literally covered up evidence’

Dr. Marc Siegel said that the injuries Epstein suffered led him to believe it was more likely a homicide than suicide

Epstein Tapes Emerge: Dead Pedophile Describes His Lifestyle In Unearthed Recordings

Jeffrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Woman In Prison’s Attorney Room

Unraveling the mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s enabler

FBI investigators zero in on Jeffrey Epstein’s 8,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where the pedophile planned to ‘seed the human race’ with his DNA by impregnating women

Prince Andrew is pictured inside paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s £63million mansion of depravity nine years ago… so how did he miss signs of the billionaire’s sexual deviance?

Three Epstein Lawyers Challenge Autopsy Results! MCC Prison Staff Refuses to Help Investigators!

Next Top Model scout Jean-Luc Brunel flew poor 12-year-old triplets in from France as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse, unsealed documents claim

Mystery brunette who Prince Andrew waved goodbye to from Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile lair is the philanthropist daughter of former Australian prime minister Paul Keating

Bill Gates REFUSES to reveal why he flew on Lolita Express with Jeffrey Epstein four years AFTER his release from prison while the billionaire was still chairman of Microsoft

Pilot Claims Prince Andrew Flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet with Alleged Teen ‘Sex Slave’

Simpson’s Runs Tired Anti-Trump Episode in Same Week Creator Groening is Accused of Forcing Epstein’s Teen Sex Slave to Rub His Crusty Toes

Billionaire paedo Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ secretly visited Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace, ex royal cop claims

Two MIT Media Lab Educators to Leave Over Institute’s Ties to Epstein

MIT staffer, visiting scholar quit over Jeffrey Epstein’s $200G donation to school media lab

Woody Allen is pictured leaving Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion after lavish party in Prince Andrew’s honor that was also attended by Katie Couric,Chelsea Handler and George Stephanopolous

Australia-based Jeffrey Epstein accuser says Prince Andrew ‘knows what he did’

Nederlands ex-model: ‘Ik ben verkracht door de meisjesleverancier van Epstein’

Modeling Agent Alleged to Have Dirt on Jeffrey Epstein Vanishes ‘Like a Ghost’

Afspraken prins Andrew geannuleerd om Epstein

“Nobody’s F**king Business” – Epstein Buried In Unmarked Grave

How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito resigns after New Yorker exposé shows he quietly worked with Epstein to secure anonymous donations

How an Élite University Research Center Concealed Its Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Gates made donations to MIT through Jeffrey Epstein —here are all of the tech mogul’s connections to the financier

The Systems That Protected Epstein and Weinstein: The Broadsheet

9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein: Media Malfeasance on Steroids

Prison worker’s 4Chan post 10 minutes before news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death hit media: “…guy in a green dress military outfit… switched him out”

Bill Gates: I met with Jeffrey Epstein because ‘he knows a lot of rich people’

Epstein Did Not Die in His Prison Cell: FEDS

Harvard admits to receiving $9 million from Jeffrey Epstein

Franse slachtoffers Epstein melden zich

Renowned MIT Scientist Defends Epstein: Victims Were ‘Entirely Willing’

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-cop cellmate claims: ‘I never touched the man’

Was Jeffrey Epstein still travelling with underage girls in 2018? Feds were investigating new reports

“It may be the most significant scandal in American history”: The Epstein case is spawning a wave of media and Hollywood projects

Jeffrey Epstein used charity to benefit himself: Report

From Caroline Calloway to Jeffrey Epstein, Why Are All These Scandal-Makers Obsessed With the Ivy League?

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly used a murky nonprofit account with Deutsche Bank to reap tax benefits

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says he regrets interactions with Jeffrey Epstein



Youtube Playlist van alle Epstein-gerelateerde videos gemaakt door Britse onderzoeksjournalist Shaun Attwood

Twitter Threads



Unsealed: Virginia L. Giuffre v. Ghislaine Maxwell

Epsteins “Little Black Book” zonder de zwarte vlakken, oftewel unredacted



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